Did you see S7 EP12 of Mad Men – The Final Episodes?

If you were doing something else last night, it’s time to catch up on one of TV’s richest, best-written shows!

The 14 final episodes were split into two, 7 episode parts, the first half, titled “The Beginning”, began on April 13, 2014. Prior to the second half, titled “The End of an Era”, which premiered a full year later, I re-watched the entire series. Mesmerized and awestruck by the deliberate and evolving character development, meaningful dialog and slow, precise pacing, I was fully engaged on a level not possible with week to week viewing.

On April 5, 2015, EP 8 “Severance” did not disappoint. I am not among those who focus on how the series will end (Don Draper: will he or won’t he?) –I don’t want to look for clues, speculate or intellectualize. I am so invested in Mad Men that to do anything other than experience it diminishes it –at least for me. Therefore, when the episodes that followed — “New Business”, “The Forecast”, “Time & Life” and last night’s “Lost Horizon” were vague, disjointed, and uncharacteristically superficial my emotional response was one of true loss.

Can Matthew Weiner pull it all back together in just two more episodes of Mad Men?