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02/2012     If not now, when?

08/2012     The Creative Producer @ B.U.

06/2013    How to Write a Pilot @ B.U.

08/2013     Storytelling for Film & Television @ B.U. 

02/2014     Co-Producer, Twenty Minutes, a short film by Foley Ellis Ibidapo.

01/2015     Producer, Unsure/Positive, a web series by Christian Daniel Kiley.

06/2015     6 Weeks 6 Stories @ GrubStreet. 

09/2015     Fiction II @ GrubStreet. 

01/2016     First short story published: ECONOMICS 1987 

01/2016     First Third of The Novel @ GrubStreet. 

04/2016     First Glimpse at the Publishing Industry @ Muse & the Marketplace, Boston, MA

11/2016    Learning to Pitch @ New York Writers Workshop! 

03/2017    Meeting Editors @ Unicorn Conference, Purchase, NY

05/2017    Craft Sessions @ Muse & the Marketplace, Boston, MA

09/2017    Agent Panels @ Slice Conference, Brooklyn NY

04/2018    Meeting Writers from All Over @ Muse & the Marketplace, Boston, MA

12/2018    Any Chance to Visit NYC @ CLMP

04/2019    Gearing Up for Muse & the Marketplace, Boston, MA

“Follow the fear.” Del P. Close (March 9, 1934 – March 4, 1999)

I’m from Brooklyn, NY and moved to Boston to attend BU, where I earned a B.A., cum laude with Distinction in French. I graduated Boston College Law School and practice family and business law throughout MA, with offices in Boston and Nantucket.  In addition to my affiliation with the legal community, I’m a member of GrubStreet, GrubWriters, and New England Binders. I support the Massachusetts Production Coalition and Women in Film and Video New England. 

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–Rose Ellen