Not so guilty pleasures that inspire my creativity –or that I just plain enjoy. Spill yours?

  1. A drive to the beach, top down, loud 70’s music.
  2. A tan.
  3. The smell of bacon
  4. Putting together a cool outfit, getting out there.
  5. Staying in, organizing my cool outfits.
  6. My teddy bear.
  7. Sex with someone funny.
  8. Allison Janney, Chloë Sevigny, Melissa McCarthy
  9. Binge T.V.
  10. A crunchy muffin top.
  11. The Drawing Room at The Crosby.
  12. Anyplace on Nantucket
  13. Raisinets at the movies
  14. Christopher Meloni, Ed Harris, Scott Porter