I’ve been laughing a lot with…

Louie (Louis C.K. S1-4; FX) and Inside Amy Schumer (Amy Schumer S1-2; Comedy Central)

But I’m also wondering the following:

Nothing is off limits chez Louie, chez Amy! Both employ no holds barred, self-deprecating humor with emphasis on their respective desperate, often humiliating sex lives. So why is it that, at the end of every day, Louie comes off as a decent guy, pretty awesome dad + Amy projects such an icky sadness? 

Could it be, at their core, no matter how gross their habits or low they’ll sink to have an orgasm and/or a little companionship, men know they are O.K. –while women never feel they are good enough or worthy of much?

Do you watch either of these shows? What do you think? What are the differences, if any, between male + female-centric humor?