Happy July! Thanks for checking in to see what’s worth checking out !

Tyrant (Tuesdays, FX)

Three sex scenes (violent anal, virgin rape, nasty blow job) to establish Jamal’s character –not necessary and predictable –illustrating one of the problems with the Pilot –the characters, with the exception of Bassam (an excellent and very hot Adam Rayner), are stock. I trust FX, liked the premise + have to be curious about any show that stirs convo + controversy:)


The Leftovers (Sundays, HBO)

The truth is, it was a long day + I fell asleep. But I love Tom Perrotta (Election, Little Children) and it’s HBO….so stay tuned for my update.


Rectify (Thursdays, Sundance TV)

Thrilled this quality show is back for S2. A quiet, beautifully shot series with the feeling of a painting. I held my breath waiting for each line –not so much out of suspense but because the dialogue was sparse and exact. The acting is emotionally restrained +powerful.


+Don’t forget:

Masters of Sex, S2, 7/13 (SHO)


+Coming Attractions: AUGUST

The Killing, S4, 8/1 (Netflix)