This is a wonderful read, the ebb and flow of the text is exciting, and the world the author creates is very nuanced which is a perfect frame for such raw brutality. I hope to read more from this author soon, and while this was a short story, I felt as though it might be connected to a larger narrative– maybe about Eric, but also about Jamie; she’s sort of canonized in this piece, but I suspect her world is rich, too. Very impressive for a quick read! –Kieran 03/23/16

Engaging story. Does he make it to NYC? –William Mogan 02/22/16

Rose Ellen’s prose is fearless and gritty, her characters both believable and raw. In this piece, she writes that Eric’s loneliness “pokes and chews, shimmies under his skin, a pointy-tooth mouse flattening its spine through a crevice.” This is much like the unabashed way Rose Ellen’s fiction enters us. It forces us to face a rich well of emotion: struggle, shame, passion, hope. This is a gutsy story, one that challenges and enriches the reader. Thank you, Rose Ellen! This piece may be the first, but I’m sure it will be the first of many. –Kate C. 02/22/16

I was engaged with the story and the writer’s style after reading the first three sentences. Although I read the story over 36 hours ago, Eric’s plight remains on my mind — I can’t stop thinking about how real and prevalent his situation most likely is. I applaud Rose Ellen McCaig’s ability to inspire us by juxtaposing Eric’s wonderful, shatterproof determination against unimaginable odds.–Michele 01/18/16

Your writing style is very distinct, I’ll look forward to reading the novel. –Josh S. 02/10/16

Ms. McCaig really knows how to move the story along. The piece is well paced and Eric is an interesting and complex character. Circumstances have conspired to defeat him leaving him isolated and without resources, yet he sets out to use his writing skills to earn the money needed to move his ambitions to the next level. Along the way he finds a moment of love to relieve his loneliness, but resolves to put that on hold until he achieves some stability. His plan goes badly awry, but he’s willing to do what’s necessary prevail, no matter how repulsive. The sex scenes are vivid, detailed and sometimes disturbing, but our hero weathers it all and lives to struggle on. I expect this is only the beginning of Eric’s story. –Joseph Leary 01/27/16

“The perspective is unique and invites you to look outside of your comfort zone to try and understand the choices made that are not your own. Evoking thought and understanding for others.” –Melinda 01/21/16

“Wow” although generic seems the best adjective for the reaction this short causes as you try to process what the kid must have been going through! For a second I forgot it was fiction and felt like yelling “get out of there Eric!” The author’s command of the English language is superb, and I hope she keeps producing more. See you in Barnes & Noble!” –Jerry Facey 01/21/16

“I find it difficult to believe that this compelling short story is Ms. McCaig’s first. The story line is real and reflects a regrettably true aspect of American life to which all too many are ignorant or apathetic. The writing itself is clear and Ms. McCaig blends her very visual metaphors into the tragic nature of the story’s events. I look forward to future stories from this author and hope her novel becomes available soon.” –Charles Catanzaro 01/16/16

Congrats Rose Ellen!! This is so great. I love it! –Tiffany 01/16/16 (Facebook)

Love it! Give us more — @HelenMFarrellMD  01/16/16 (Twitter)

“I had a chance to read your story – so powerful! You packed a lot into the story so we could understand his desperation to catch a break and improve his life. My heart went out to him, but not in a pitying way; I understood that whatever traumatizing experiences he goes through will make him stronger and ultimately fuel his success. Way to go!” –Cindy Richard 01/16/15

Powerful story, beautifully, heartbreakingly told — congratulations! –Christine Kent 01/16/10

What a great piece. I literally flew through it, did not want it to end and was looking for more. Where oh where is the parked Chevy? In such a short work of fiction, I feel I know these characters and what characters! I could have easily hated Frank and pitied Eric, but their respective humanity shown through like a beacon. The way the writer shared Eric’s interior dialogue engaged me in a way that surprised me. As a result, for the scenes between Frank and Eric, I could understand how Eric could possibly make it through such a disorienting experience. Although this encounter could be viewed as a cheap shock and awe device, pandering to a pure sexual situation, instead its purpose was to reveal some of Eric’s admiral character strengths and Frank’s very real human desires. The effect was to give me access, in a very efficient and effective manner to what I might have closed my eyes and mind to. For Rose Ellen’s first published story, it reveals a writing talent that affected me and I look forward to reading her next work. –Brian 01/16/16

“I was late picking up my daughter because I had to finish reading this story first. Remarkable how quickly you can feel like you care deeply about a character.” –Barbara 01/15/16

“I was blown away by the quality of writing and singular voice of this author who weaves a powerful tale that is both particular and universal. Her astute and detailed descriptions of both the inner and outer world of her protagonist are enormously moving. Words spring from the page in new combinations that are raw and gritty, deep and powerful. If this is a first literary attempt, I can only imagine what is in store for us next. More, Ms. McCaig, more.” –Nina Avedon 01/15/16

Just read it, Rose Ellen. Powerful. Congrats. –Stephanie D. 01/15/16 (Facebook)

Rose, that was beautiful. It reminded me of Rainbow Rowell’s Eleanor and Park. You have a gift. Well done. –KM 01/15/16 (New England Binders Facebook)


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